What can I expect at a Church service?

We hope to make everyone feel welcome. While the structure of our services has a degree of formality, it is led in a way which is relaxed.  

At St Paul's we welcome people at all stages of faith, so. if you are unsure about Christianity, are a sceptic or consider yourself to be a mature believer you are welcome to come along and participate in as much or as little as the service as is appropriate for you.

At our Tuesday morning service, you pick up a Service Bulletin which enables you to follow and participate in the worship.

At our 11am Sunday service you will be given a Service Bulletin and a hymn book (if the songs are not in the booklet), for singing.  The singing is usually led by a traditional robed choir, but due to the COVID situation, choral singing is not yet still in effect.

At the end of each service, the clergy are delighted to speak to visitors and parishioners alike.  Socials will be gradually introduced as part of the re-opening plan - The opportunity to meet other people during refreshments, which takes place after the Sunday Service is temporarily cancelled until further notice.

What about children?

We would love to grow the number of children at St Paul's. 

How do I get there?

As a downtown church, we have excellent public transport links, but no dedicated parking! There are parkades nearby, should you wish to travel by car. We encourage people to walk or take public transit, if possible.

The Bus No. 6  going to Davie/Downtown starts Southbound Cambie St @ Dunsmuir St. It stops at the corner of Jervis and Davie, a few minutes walking distance from our church. You will never miss it.

Is there a dress code?

Definately not! We are relaxed as to how you dress - some people like to dress up, many more are casually dressed.