Generosity is a fundamental aspect of faith and life. Financial giving one way to show generosity and express gratitude to God. It reminds us that life is about more than just acquiring wealth and possessions. Some members aim to give a tithe (10%) of their income or an amount that represents a significant sacrifice for the advancement of God's Kingdom. Jesus emphasizes that the intention and prayer behind our giving are more important than the specific amount or percentage.

If you have found a spiritual home at St Paul's and share our mission and vision as a community, we encourage you to give generously to support the church's mission and ministry. Your contributions enable us to spread love and make a positive impact in our community, transforming lives through the grace of God working through us.

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  Please contact the church office for e-transfer details or contact Jack Wood.


Pre-Authorized Debit Program   

This is a regular giving program through a pre-authorised bank debit or credit card which is easy to set up and amend. If you are interested, please contact

We do not collect any financial or banking information by email. 


  We are still accepting cheques, (including post-dated).

                       Please make the cheque payable to St. Paul's Anglican Church and mail to

                         Attn: Jack Wood

                                 St. Paul's Anglican Church

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