In the light of revised guidance from the Provincial Government, we can now announce our plans for the next few months, until the end of August.

The rules around reopening are different in June than they are in July (and change again in September), so we have decided to provide a weekly mid-week Said Communion service on Tuesdays from June 15, at 10.30AM and wait until July to start Sunday in person indoor worship.  

We will be taking it cautiously; the Sunday Communion service will have a start time of 11AM for the first couple of months and this will not be livestreamed.  This allows us to review and plan for the Fall.  

Please note that the COVID-19 restrictions from last year are fully in place in June and gradually ease/are removed in July and September.


So, our Re-opening worship schedule will look like this:


Mon-Thurs          8AM                       Morning Prayer (online only)

Tuesday               10.30AM               From June 15, Said Communion (in person only, COVID-19 protocols in place)

Tues & Wed         9PM                       Compline with Examen (online only; depending on demand over the summer)

Sunday                 11AM                     From July 4, Parish Communion (in person only, revised COVID-19 protocols in place)


NOTE: Sunday worship remains online only at 10AM up to and including June 27.

Opportunities to socialise before or after the service are specifically prohibited by the Provincial Government – as these rules relax, we will of course introduce those opportunities.