During the COVID lockdown, St Paul's invested heavily in repairing and redecorating the Labyrinth space.  We don't have the capacity to have regular walks each week but we do want to open for special events and occasions, ideally for longer.

We had originally hoped to open on the evening of December 21 (Longest Night) and on the morning of January 1 (New Year's Day).  This is dependant on folk volunteering for one of two teams - to manage the Jervis Street entrance AND hosting walkers on the Labyrinth.

UPDATE: The Labyrinth will be open to walkers on Sunday, January 1 from 9AM to 11AM. Please come through the entrance at 1140 Jervis Street and wear suitable socks / stockings as shoes need to be removed to walk the Labyrinth. Christmas socks especially welcome! 

Note: There are no New Year's Eve events taking place at St Paul's.