Many thanks to all who came out to our session on Mysteries set in Religious Establishments (cathedrals, churches, monasteries, seminaries etc.) yesterday afternoon! From the lively discussion, I sensed that everyone was having a really good time talking about the books that people brought to the meeting (and what a delightful selection of titles they were!). Stay tuned for a full write-up on yesterday’s books and authors....

We also got to meet and greet four brand new members - welcome!

Next Meeting: Herbert O'Driscoll

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday September 3rd, and our focus will be books by the former Dean of our cathedral, Herbert O’Driscoll. This will be our second session involving O’Driscoll’s writings (members read some of his books for a session several years ago), and he is a great favourite among many Book Club members.

A prolific author, engaging public speaker, and former host of a popular radio segment many years ago, “Herbie” O’Driscoll is a delightful man, and at 94 years of age, he is still a regular contributor to publications like Topic (our diocesan newspaper) and Anglican Journal (our national paper). For those looking for a title to read for our meeting, have a look at the following links:

  • Vancouver Public Library catalog (author search for Herbert O’Driscoll)

  • AbeBooks (author search for Herbert O’Driscoll – AbeBooks is a wonderful source for secondhand books at reasonable prices)

  • Better World Books (author search for Herbert O’Driscoll – Better World Books is another great source for secondhand titles and proceeds from sales go towards helping literacy efforts around the world)

And FINALLY … Book Club news and updates are now “Live” on our website. Viewers can see our schedule and read edited versions of the write-ups I send out to the group (i.e., members’ names have been removed to protect everyone’s privacy).

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