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Today is Wednesday of Holy Week. 

We find ourselves at the table of Jesus and his disciples amid a heart wrenching conversation. And it begins with these words "on this very night one of you will betray me." That is enough to give us pause as we remember the times where we have dealt the sting of betrayal upon others. And the times where we have known betrayal. 

And it doesn't end there. 

Even in Peter's asking "Lord, who is it" shows our capacity to get in on the action, as it were. Ready to point fingers. ready to get into the gossip, ready to add in our judgement. 
nd it doesn't end there. 

To imagine that moment when Jesus hands the dipped bread to Judas upon declaring, "it is the one to whom I give this dipped piece of bread" Being called out in such a gentle way often makes the heart hurt harder. 

And it doesn't end there. 

To have Jesus tell Judas "Do quickly what you are going to do" This makes the betrayal feel that much greater for it was known what was about to happen almost as an acceptance or an invitation for it to happen. 

And yet, it does not end there. 

Even in the midst of betrayal, there is still capacity for "God to be glorified." There is still capacity for God's redeeming beauty to be found. 

May we, on this day, invite Christ into our wounds - those we have caused and those we have received.