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This week, I wanted to share a prayer written by one parishioner, Rose Desrochers, at the encouragement of at least one other parishioner….. which I find so encouraging. Please dwell with this over the coming week.

Dear God

Please help us to remember to focus our attention, efforts, beliefs….our lives on You, our God. In a culture where generations of cold and silent voices of Your Church abound….To the call of God for all peoples.

Focus us to heal ourselves and our children and families in this difficult context. Even as the Canaanite woman, who pleaded for crumbs under the table – for her daughter’s well-being. And was validated for her Faith by God.

Hear us, Lord, to know Indigenous voices and Families of Missing and Murdered Women in Canada. Give us Strength in our grief - in the surrounding Church and culture of indifference – to know who we are and whose we are. As the Samaritan woman at the well, whom Jesus gives living water - And then advises to call others on the journey.

Remind me today, God, to waste less time with people and structures that don’t want to change. That don’t support your Way for all peoples.

Remind me today, God, that our God-given Selves/Our Souls are our Joy and Beauty and Service in Your world. As the woman who anointed Jesus with fragrant perfume. As the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair.

Show Your Church again, Lord, we pray, the Unique and Powerful Healing potentiality 0f women, in Your Church and the world.

Remind us, today, God, of Ruth’s journey to God. Through Her honor, respect, value for her mother in law – Naomi. Guide us all again, also, to find the women who shine on your way…. Thanks be to God