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It is Palm Sunday, and we are commemorating Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The people welcomed him with palms and shouts of joy. They greeted him as their King. 

It is the first day of Holy Week. The liturgical colour is red because this colour represents the blood of Christ, his passion. 

Holy Week represents a journey full of contrasts. Today the Gospel presents us with a majestic Jesus right before his detention, passion and execution. The culmination of Easter will be next Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, where Jesus victoriously comes back to life. 

Today, the Gospel reminds us to welcome Jesus in our hearts, reflect in his beautiful message, and stand with him for justice and peace. 

The blessed palm branches we will receive in today's worship remind us that Christ is the King and the true answer to our quest for happiness and meaning in our lives. 

We live in a confused, troubled and complex world. Yet, through Christ, a meaningful transformation in our lives can happen, and this way, we will create a better world where justice and peace will prevail. This way, we will bring God's Kingdom one step closer to this world.