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Today is Holy Saturday and we find ourselves in the garden at the tomb where Jesus' body was laid. This day is often misunderstood. This day is not often acknowledged as the very important day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Between those moments when the Good Friday events in our lives (such as trauma, loss, endings, and betrayal) have happened and the Easter Sunday experience (such as healing, hope, forgiveness, and new beginnings) is still impossible to imagine, Holy Saturday dwells. 

In many ways the time of Holy Saturday can last, or can feel like it lasts, the longest. And yet, in so many ways, we often skip right over this time. This is when we acknowledge what was lost and might never be found. This is when we feel our rejection that might never receive acceptance. This is where we walk in the shadows because light might never shine again. 

There is a barrenness to this time as the devastation and destruction becomes fully realized. The world never looks quite the same after we have experienced that which brings hurt to our heart. 

We long to flee from this place and yet we must allow ourselves to remain for as long as our spirit needs, however uncomfortable it may feel. Broken bodies, broken imaginations, and broken dreams need time to heal. 

So may we allow the Spirit to enter into this Holy Saturday so that, in our remaining, the Spirit remains and renews here with us, too.