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Today is the beginning of Holy Week and we find ourselves at the home of home of Lazarus. 
Mary took the costly perfume and anointed Jesus feet. A very humbling task for no one, not even the Son of God's feet, would have avoided the dust and grime of a day's walkabout. 

Mary kneeled down at Jesus' feet and then what love to use her hair to wipe his feet. To have the smell of perfume on his feet in one thing but for her to now have the smell, the oil and the grime in her hair, well that is a bit unimaginable. Would I offer my hair for this use? I think only love could make one, again, stoop that low. Mary was willing to pour a year's worth of wages over the feet of Jesus and to wipe it off with her hair. 

How are we being called this week as we journey to the Cross? What is the perfume that God is calling us to pour out, this week? Are we being asked to consider the ways that love needs to grow? 

In offering our own hearts to the One who gives us so much, may we have much love to give. In offering our own bodies to the One who gave his body for us, may we have much strength to offer. And in offering our minds to the One who gave His Spirit to remain with us, may we have much faith to share.