St. Paul's Anglican Church’s Advocacy Office (AO) has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Thanks to a
generous grant from the Law Foundation of British Columbia, we are seeking an experienced program
evaluation consultant to undertake a strategicorganizational and program review on a time-limited contract basis.

The AO is one of two generalist advocacy offices in Metro Vancouver, serving a range of clients from across the Lower Mainland. Pre-COVID, around 3,000 people sought our help each year, typically in the areas of housing, landlord-tenant disputes, health and disability issues, and access to social benefits/government services.

The AO was established to meet an identified need in the wider community. The Church provides office space for staff and volunteers, equipment, the salary/benefits of our part-time Director and support as needed from other members of the staff team.

2021 is an important year for St Paul’s, as we continue to adapt to and emerge from COVID-19, we need to refresh our vision and priorities in the light of the challenges and opportunities now and in the future. In addition, we must plan for our long-term Advocacy Office Director’s scheduled retirement in March 2022. The time is right to evaluate the Advocacy program toensure it delivers maximum impact within our resources.

Project Description
We are looking for someone who is familiar with the systems low-income people interact with, including subsidized housing, legal aid, and health care and has experience in non-profit program evaluation.

The consultant(s) will work in consultation with the staff and volunteers of the AO, the Parish (church) leadership, stakeholders, and community members to accomplish the following tasks.

• Review the St. Paul’s Advocacy Office current operations, including the applicable services, staff and volunteer roles and communication.

• Define and confirm the core research, analysis, and recommendation tasks to be completed.

• Assess the extent to which the AO has/is meeting its intended goals and objectives.                             

 • Identify key stakeholders and collect information and feedback on the relevance and performance of the AO to each of these groups.

• Review practices and previous service delivery records for analysis.

• Conduct an environmental scan of other community agencies offering individual advocacy services to identify where service duplication and gaps exist.

• Establish a clear understanding of the needs to which the AO can assist with now and in the future.

• Identify unique aspects of program offerings as well as potential considerations for program modifications, including potential alignment to Parish goals and mission.

• Identify additional funding streams for long term sustainability and development.

• Recommend a governance structure with a model of involvement optimizing resources and stakeholders.

• Outline a draft strategic plan for key program considerations, action for possibilities and options for next steps for engagement to support the Parish decision-making process to engage the Parish (and Diocesan) leadership in considering the options for St Paul’s to provide advocacy services (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

The result of the organizational review will provide St. Paul's with a framework to shape the future and effectiveness of the AO, while highlighting successes and identifying areas for improvement. The consultant will facilitate the delivery of reports and recommendations based upon specific research and fact gathering within the AO and other community programs and services.

Proposed Timelines

-Deadline for submission of proposals: June, 17 2021
-Target Date for Review of Proposals: End of June, 2021
-Selection of Contractor Mid-July, 2021
-Commencement of work August, 2021
-Final report presentation End of November, 2021
(duration anticipated to be up to six months to conclude no later than end of 2021)

Proposal Expectations:

-Executive Summary
-Scope, Approach and Methodology
-Project Deliverables
-Anticipated Fees & Charges (to not exceed $50,000 incl of taxes)
-References; Company/Team Overview or Contractor CV

Proposals should be submitted on or before June 15, 2021 to our Rector, the Revd Philip Cochrane, by email.

Any questions concerning requirements, contractual terms and conditions or proposal format should also be directed to Revd Cochrane in the first instance.

Revd Philip Cochrane (Rector) via