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Your SHAPE for God’s Service is our next Christian formation class, which is a six week course to be held on Monday nights via Zoom.  This is a holistic course designed to help you to reflect on the gifts you have been given, who you are as a person and your life experiences to consider how you are to serve God and the mission of God. 

Hopefully this will enable participants to live and serve with more joy, satisfaction and fruitfulness not just in the life of the church but how each participant engages with their family, friends, job, local community, and voluntary / leisure activities.

 The Core Topics

Your SHAPE for God’s Service has a holistic approach. The sessions involve looking at:

Your Spiritual Gifts (S)   (God’s unique gifts to you)

Heart’s Desire (H)            (what motivates and excites you; what you love to do)

Abilities (A)                        (your talents, knowledge and skills)                         

Personality (P)                  (your character, personal qualities and strengths)

Experience (E)                   (your life experiences and what you’ve gained from them)

The dates planned are on Monday nights, starting at 6.30PM and finishing by 8PM on May 3, 10, 17, 31; June 7 & 14.  There is no charge for the course (though donations are always welcome) but please email if you would like to book a place, which are limited. 
See also Events page.