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The current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is a serious challenge to public welfare and here in British Columbia there are a growing number of infections.

St Paul's has adopted protocols designed to reduce the risk of infection across the whole of St Paul's - the church, the Advocacy Office and the Labyrinth.

The aim is to practice an abundance of caution while at the same time being a non-anxious presence at a scary time.  It is really important that, if you are not feeling well, you stay at home and don't come to St Paul's.

We have enhanced our cleaning, particularly of commonly used surfaces and we are managing numbers in the Labyrinth and Advocacy Office to ensure there is 'social distance' - people should not be in close proximity to each other for extended periods of time.

Many of our activities are reliant on volunteers and, with the present advice, it may be that the Labyrinth and Advocacy Office will be closed at short notice. We appreciate this is frustrating, but we hope you understand.

Throughout all our activities, the new protocols mean there is not physical contact between people. This is hard for St Paul's as we like to foster human connection but it is really important if we are to ensure that this virus does not spread.

We are looking at online options to facilitate connection during this outbreak and especially if we are instructed to close for public assembly.